The real reason
I can't stick to
my diet is
because my
cats hate to eat
- Susan Sturgill
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With a wealth of information available on the internet, it is hard to know exactly
where to begin when discussing the topic of feline health. Perhaps the most
important piece of information, at least that I can bestow on you, is one that is often
over looked. Always think critically about anything you read on the internet,
especially  when it pertains to your animals health. While forums and websites can
help you to better understand a condition your animal may be suffering from, they
should never be substituted for the actual medical advice of a qualified veterinarian.

When it comes to the internet and your animals health, you need to take caution.
Always ask yourself about the qualifications of the person presenting the material.
Is the information presented from a reputable source which you can trust? Can you
verify that the information presented is true and correct and last but not least, do
other reputable sources confirm this information?

Forums like websites can be a great place to gather information. Unfortunately,
some of the time, the information you will undoubtly encounter can and will do more
harm than good. While most of the intentions of the many people creating these
websites, and or responding to forum postings are honorable, there are those,
even with the best of intentions, who can and will lend you bad advice. It is therefore
in your favor, before following the advice of any website or forum posting, to confirm
any information pertaining to your animal, received on a website or in a forum, with
your veterinarian...

Now on to the interesting stuff...

First Aid and Emergency Care:

Do you know how to properly care for your pet in times of an emergency...Cat Help
Online and Veterinary Partners does...

Is this an Emergency? Click here to find out everything you need to know...

Assembling a First Aid Kit

Bandaging Wounds



Chemical Injuries



Eye Injuries

First Aid For Poisoning


How to move an injured animal/pet

Impalement Injuries

Physically Examining your Pet


Life Stages - Kitten Care:

Pregnancy and Delivery

Neonatal Kitten Care

Kitten First Aid

Kitten Development and Socialization

Kitten Feeding/Formulas

Vaccination Schedule

Life Stage - Adult Care:

Nutrition - Learn All About Your Pets Nutritious Needs Here

Diet - How to Read Pet Food Labels to Select the Most Nutritious Brands

Vaccination Information

Vaccine-Associated Fibrosarcoma

PetCo Low Cost Vaccination Clinics

Financial Help With Veterinary Bills:

IMOM - "Mission Statement: Helping people help pets."

American Animal Hospital Association

Angels 4 Animals

Care Credit

Cats in Crisis

Feline Veterinary Emergency Assistance (FVEAP)


Shakespeare Animal Fund

The Pet Fund

United Animal Nations

UK Assistance with Veterinary Bills

Moki's Friends...
Giving the sick and the disabled feline population a voice
Drs. Foster and Smith Inc.