Thank you for helping save Moki
Moki's Video Album
This is one of the earliest videos I recorded of Moki after being released from the
emergency hospital. I recorded this video as a way of capturing his improvement
when it comes to being able to eat on his own. If you look closely you will see
that parts of both of Moki's front legs have been shaved. This was do to the I.V.
placement. One of his back legs was shaved as well although you can not tell
from this video...
Here is a video of Moki taken about a week and a half after being released from the
emergency vet. Notice how bad his head shakes in this video while he walks. In the later
videos pay close attention to his head, and you will notice how his head bobbing has
improved. Also note how he falls over in this video. When he first came home from the
emergency vet and started to relearn how to walk, he could only manage to take a few
steps before falling over on his side like this. As time continued, his ability to keep from
falling over improved as well. He can now walked across a room without falling over if
the surface is carpeted, as you will see in some of the remaining videos...
I recorded this video of Moki in Dec.
The last two videos are of Moki playing. In this video Moki chases his favorite feather toy,
and shows the first sign of being able to jump once again. Notice how at times he drags
his back legs. Moki does this whenever he gets overly excited. He also does this when he
is having a hard time concentrating.
Here Moki is playing with his favorite scratching post. In this video notice how Moki's
balance has improved enough for him to be able to stand up on his back legs while
holding on to the scratching post with his two front paws.


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